Sep 2021: Vulkanforskaren: ”Utbrottet kan pågå i veckor” 

Several interviews with Swedish press, radio and TV regarding Cumbre Vieja eruption on La Palma, Canary Islands.

Aug 2021: Lava from Bali Volcanoes Offers Window into Earth’s Mantle EOS News (Author Jon Kelvey)

2020/21: *Inside and Out* by Caspar de Gelmini

Contributed to the audio-visual composition among other Earth and Planetary Scientists with science images. The artist aims to show connections between large- and small scale features in space and on planet Earth.

4/2020: Das Geheimnis der schwimmendenSteine


May 2020: Estudiando el supervolcán dormido

NCYT Noticias de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia

Vatten kanske bidrar till vulkanutbrott


Supervulkanen matas underifrån

Forskning & Framsteg | [pdf]

Supervulkaner ett hot mot livet på jorden

Göteborgs-Posten [pdf]

April 2020: Study Takes The Pulse Of A Sleeping Supervolcano

Principia Scientific International

March 2020: Valentin vill veta allt om vulkaner

Universitätläraren Magazine Coverstory (pdf)

Dec 2019: White Island Eruption

Dagens Nyheter


Oct 2019: Complex hazard cascade culminating in the Anak Krakatau sector collapse

Spiegel Online

innovations report

Spektrum.de SciLogs


Sveriges Vetenskapsradio

svt nyheter

Aug 2019: Crustal CO2 contribution to subduction zone degassing recorded through calc-silicate xenoliths in arc lavas.



Apr 2019: Global Fe–O isotope correlation reveals magmatic origin of Kiruna-type apatite-iron-oxide ores


scinexx das wissensmagazin



idw Informationsdienst Wissenschaft

Jan 2019: A large explosive silicic eruption in the British Palaeogene Igneous Province

BBC News: Skye volcanic eruption 'changed climate'.

The Times: Volcanic explosion on Skye triggered prehistoric global warming. 

Discover Magazin: Could Past Global Climate Have Been Changed by an Eruption … in Scotland?

The Sun: HIGHLAND HEAT Volcanic eruption in SCOTLAND partly to blame for ‘massive climate change’ that wiped out hundreds of species 56million years ago



Pre-school "Haus für Kinder St. Sebastian" in Dettelbach, Germany, is running the project "Floating Rock" under supervision of Manuela Welter since 2019.

The kids use Youtube, get their questions answered by email and received soundfiles for their audio pen. Some of the content is known by heart by now. The kindergarden kids were invited by the local school to present their project and received very positive response.

Manuela Welter presented the project at the Bavarian Meeting for 'model kindergardens' in June 2019 where the project received a lot of positive feedback and useful pedagogic advice. 

Sep 2021: Kita digital Bayern 1 

Sep 2021: Projektstart in Schweinfurt: digitale Bildung im Kindergarten BR Frankenschau

2018:  Ireland: Slieve Gullion

Self-guided geology routes "Experience Gullion".

Geotourism Ring of Gullion AONB, Certificate of Excellence tripadvisor 2017.


Feb 2018:  Supervolcanoes

Swedish National TV svt Nyheter   "Här är de 5 farligaste vulkanerna idag".


Feb 2018:   Researcher Profile

Uppsala University / News & Media: "I've never stopped speaking to rocks" (Anneli Björkman)


Sep 2017: Volcanic particles in agriculture and gardening

28-Sep-17: Efe Verde: El "Milargo de Timanfaya" podría ayudar a cultivar zonas áridas del planeta.


Jul 2017: Gran Canaria

The Guardian "Trouble in paradise: the Canary Island beach accused of illegally importing sand". (Anders Lundqvist & Rowan Bauer)


May 2017: Supervolcanoes

ALLT OM VETENSKAP: "Jättevulkanen under Neapel håller på att vakna".


Jan / Feb 2017: Indonesia - Toba

- 1-Feb-17: International Business Times: 

This is what triggered the biggest supervolcano eruption in history

- 30-Jan-17: Huffingtonpost: Scientist Reveal The Cause Of The Biggest Volcanic Eruption In Human History


Aug 2015: Discover The Magazine: Tiny Fossils Hint at Canary Islands' Volcanic Origins

Feb 2015: Fossils survive volcanic eruption to tell us about the origin of the Canary Islands

- 30-Jan-15: The Science Squad: "Fossils survive volcanic eruption to tell us about volcano origins".

- 2 Feb-15: LiveScience Article: "Lava Bomb Fossils Hold Clues to Islands' Fiery Origin".


Jun 2014: Ireland - Carlingford Igneous Centre

- A Tale of Two Magmas

- 24-Jun-14: Swedish Nationwide Research Portal

- 23-Jun-14: The Science Squad

- 18-Jun-14: Irish Research Council

- 10-Oct-13: Science Newsline


Feb 2014: Liquid magma bodies could indicate imminent eruption

Comment on K.M. Cooper & A.J.R. Kent "Rapid remobilization of magma crystals kept in cold storage" Nature Letter.

Sveriges Radio interview "Nytt hopp om att kunna förutspå vulkanutbrott".


Feb 2014: Weibull-distributed dyke thickness reflects probabilistic character of host-rock strength

- 12-Feb-14: Innovations Report


Jan 2014: Scotland - Ardnamurchan -

3D Model Reveals Information About Iconic Volcano

- 10-Jan-14: BBC

- 10-Jan-14: The Times Scotland

- 10-Jan-14: The Herald Scotland

- 09-Jan-14: DeadlineNews


Oct 2013: Scotland - Ardnamurchan -

3D Model Reveals Information About Iconic Volcano

- 16-Oct-13: Laboratory News

- 10-Oct-13: e! Science News

- 10-Oct-13: Science Daily

- 10-Oct-13: Phys.org

- 10-Oct-13: EurekAlert!


Oct 2013: Supervolcanoes on Mars

Comment on J.R. Michalski et al. "Supervolcanoes within an ancient volcanic province in Arabia Terra, Mars" Nature 502, 47-52.

Sveriges Radio interview "Supervulkaner funna på Mars".


Sep 2013: Indonesia - Krakatoa

Swedish National TV svt2 Aktuellt "Därfor exploderar vulkaner".


2013: Xeno-Pumice inspired Blogosphere

Aug 2013: Joe Bauwens "The floating stones of El Hierro".

Jan 2013: Andrew Alden "Xeno-Pumice: A New Kind of Floating Rock".

Jan 2013: Andrew Alden "When Volcanoes Turn Fry Cook".


Apr 2013: Sweden - Bergslagen

- Dalarnas Tidningen article: "Mäktig vulkan skapade järnmalmsgruvan".


Apr 2013: Sweden - Alnö

- Sveriges Radio "Vulkanisk kittel bildade Alnöns ovanliga bergarter".

- Sveriges Radio Västernorrland "Ovanliga bergarterna på Alnön har undersökts".


Feb 2012: Supervolcanoes

Spiegel Online Interview "Naturkatastrophen: Das plötzliche Erwachen der Supervulkane". (Axel Bojanowski)


Feb 2012: Supervolcanoes

Comment on T.H. Druitt et al. "Decadal to monthly timescales of magma transfer and reservoir growth at a caldera volcano" Nature 482, 77-80.

Sveriges Radio P1 interview "Stora vulkaner nervösa innan utbrott".


Dec 2011: Indonesia

AGU Blog Geospace "Scientists simulate explosive volcanic eruptions in the lab".


Jan 2011: Award for Troll

Uppsala Nya Tidningen Article "Troll prisas för Vulkanforskning".


2010: Giant Volcano Collapses

Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences: "Minder explosief door aardverschuiving".


Aug 2010: Ireland - British Igneous Tertiary Province

Earth Science Ireland 8/2010, Magazin of the ES2k Group, p. 12-15.

New outcrops at Slieve Gullion Igneous Centre, N. Ireland: "Caldera Controversy at the Ring of Gullion, County Down".


May 2010: Indonesia

- Uppsala Nya Tidningen article "Koldioxid gör vulkaner explosiva".


Apr 2010: Iceland - Eyjafjallajökull

- 21-Apr-10 & 25-Apr-10: TV4 News Interviews

- 21-Apr-10: Sveriges Radio P1 interview "Ovisst om Katla vaknar".

- 21-Apr-10: Sveriges Radio P1 interview "Vulkanaska i Uppsala".

- 25-Apr-10: Uppsala Nya Tidningen UNT article "Vulkanaskan har nått Uppsala".


Oct 2008: Indonesia

Uppsala University Magazine 'Universen' frontpage article on expedition to Java, Indonesia, and follow up work: "Här kan du ha en dialog med jorden!".


Apr 2008: Indonesian mud volcanoes

Sveriges Radio P1 interview "Vulkanen av lera".


Mar 2005: Scotland - British Igneous Tertiary Province

Emeleus C.H. and Troll V.R.: Online Field Guide for American Geophysical Union "Tertiary igneous rocks of the Isle of Rum".


2004: Volcano Basics

Consulting contract with The GlaxoSmithKline Group for the promotional scheme 'The energy within' for the soft drink "Lucozade". My research group provided information material on basic volcanology and famous volcanic eruptions for website and promotion campaign. The website went online from July 2004 to May 2005.

National Geographic "X-RAY EARTH" Consultant and Contributor (2019/2020)

Valentins Day Kelud Eruption

Discovery Channel - Daily Planet


130 years Mt Krakatoa Eruption

Discovery Channel - Daily Planet / Dissecting Disasters