Int. Activities

EVENING ONLINE LECTURE *Volcanoes as a Resource and Volcanic Materials in Agriculture and Gardening* University of Bamberg, Germany, 2021.




May 2020: Session Convenor, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria.

2018 - ongoing: Editor for Journal of Petrology, Oxford University Press.

2012 - ongoing: Int. Correspondent for Geology Today, the outreach journal of the Geological Society of London.


2005 – ongoing: Reviewer for >100 scientific papers and for research proposals from NERC, DFG, NSF and the Research Councils of Finland and Switzerland.


Aug 2019: Invited Session Convenor, Goldschmidt Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Apr 2019: Session Convenor, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria.


2018 - 2019: Panel Member, EPOS External Evalutation Panel (EEP),  for laboratories and volcano observatories in Europe.


Jan 2018: Invited Session Convenor, "Nordic Geological Winter Meeting", Copenhagen, Denmark.


Sep 2014: Invited Session Convenor, "Cities on Volcanoes", Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Aug 2013: Invited Session Convenor, Goldschmidt  Conference, Florence, Italy.


Feb 2013: Co-Organisator, MeMoVolc Workshop "Mechanics of magma emplacement and volcanotectonics", Oslo, Norway.

Workshop Booklet [PDF]


Sep 2012: Invited Session Convenor, emc 1st European Mineralogical Conference, in Frankfurt, Germany. "Magmatic crystals as recorder of pre- and syn-eruptive processes".


2011 - 2017: Steering Committee member, ESF network MeMoVolc.


2010 - 2016: Elected co-chair for working group No.6 (WG6 - Analytical and Experimental Laboratories) of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS).   


2012: Invited Session Convenor, Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal, Canada.


2011: Invited Session Convenor, Goldschmidt Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.


2010: Invited Session Convenor, VMSG meeting, Glasgow, UK.


2009: Invited Session Convenor, Janet Watson Meeting, London, UK.


2008: Invited Session Convenor, IGC Meeting, Oslo, Norway, "Magma chambers & eruptions; linking petrology and geophysics".


2008: As part of my duties as a Committee member of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) Host of the VMSG Conference, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Over 150 international researchers attended.

Society News 4/08 [PDF]


2007 - 2012: Invited Session Convenor, EGU, Vienna, Austria. "Magmatic differentiation: theory, experiments and examples".


2007: Session Convenor, Goldschmidt Conference, Cologne, Germany.


2007: Co-organiser, "Golden Rum" Workshop together with K. Goodenough (BGS, Edinburgh) and D. Jerram (Durham University).

The VMSG and Geological Society sponsored the workshop to celebrate 50 years of Rum as a Nature Reserve (30 selected attendees).


2006: Session Convenor, EGU, Vienna, Austria.


2005 - 2007: Commission from the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to design their official fieldguide and leaflets/handouts and display boards for their Interpretive Centre on the Isle of Rum, which is the largest nature reserve in the British Isles.


2005: Neutral Observer for major EC funded project "ERUPT" coordinated by Prof. J. Davidson, Durham, UK.


2005: Rum Excursion, Co-leader of fieldtrip (with H. Emeleus, University of Durham) to the classic geological locations on the Isle of Rum, Scotland as part of the American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference on “mantle plumes” in Fort William, Scotland, UK.


2001 - 2008: Adviser for over forty 3rd and 4th year research projects at TCD, Ireland. This led to more than 50 conference contributions where undergraduate students were first or contributing authors.


2001 - 2007: Book Reviewer, "Spektrum der Wissenschaft“, German Branch of "Scientific American".


2000 - 2002: Founder and Supervisor of the Structural Volcano Laboratory at GEOMAR together with T.R. Walter.



Sep 2024: Invited lecture, GeoSaXonia Dresden, Germany.

Mar 2024: Invited lecture, GeoDays konferens Åbo Universitet, Turku, Finland.

Nov 2023: Invited lecture, Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) Bandung, Indonesia. Title: "Magma carbonte interaction and consequences for explosive eruptions at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia". 

Nov 2023: Invited lecture, CONVERSE Centre for Eruption Science, USA. Title: "The 2021 La Palma Volcano Eruption; eruptive phenomena, magma plumbing and societal consequences".

Nov 2023: Invited lecture, Västerås Geological Society, Sweden. Title: "Origin of the Canary Islands and the 2021 La Palma Volcano Eruption". 

Oct 2023: Discurso de ingreso del académico correspondiente electo Real Academia Canaria De Ciencias. Titulo: "Volcano-Magma Systems of the Canary Islands: Origin, evolution, and the balance between hazards and resources". 

Sep 2023: Invited lecture, Universität Bonn, Germany. Title: “Journey into the center of the Earth”.

Dec 2022: Invited lecture, University of Lund, Sweden. Title: “The 2021 La Palma eruption”.

Nov 2022: Invited lecture, University of South Wales, UK. Title: “The geology of Tenerife”.

Jul 2022: Invited keynote talk, Goldschmidt Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Title: "Using ancient legends at volcanoes as disaster warning".

Jun 2022: Invited lecture, Royal Academy of Sciences of the Canary Islands; La Laguna, Tenerife. Title: "The 2021 La Palma Volcano Eruption"

Apr 2022: Invited  lectureKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. Title: "The 2021 La Palma Volcano Eruption". 

Nov 2021: Invited lecture, Division for Internationalisation at Uppsala University, Sweden. Title: “The two faces of volcanoes”.

Jul 2021: Invited evening lecture, University of Bamberg, Germany. Title: “Volcanic resources; the good side of volcanoes”.

Apr 2021: Invited seminar, University of Michigan, USA. Title: “Fe-O isotope systematics of Kiruna-type iron oxide-apatite ores”.

Feb 2021: Invited lecture, New York University (NYU), USA. Title: "Volcanic hazards versus volcanic resources".

Jan 2021: Invited evening lecture, University of Freiburg, Germany. Title: “Life and death of a large volcanic system; The Rum Layered Intrusion in NW-Scotland”.

Dec 2020: Invited lecture, University of Lund, Sweden. Title: “The geology of Tenerife; origin, evolution and present hazard potential”.

Nov 2020: Invited lecture, Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Sweden. Title: “Volcanotourism in the Canary Islands”.

Jun 2020: Invited seminar, Uppsala University Lifelong Learning Network, Sweden. Title "The two faces of Volcanoes; Volcanic hazards versus volcanic resources".

Dec 2019: Invited lecture, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Title: "Magma-crust interaction in active and ancient volcanic terranes".

Dec 2019: Invited evening lecture, Museum for Natural Sciences and Archeology (MUNA), Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain. Title: "Alexander von Humboldt - a life for knowledge and understanding".

Jun 2019: Invited seminar, GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam, Germany. Title: “Volcanic particles in agriculture and gardening”.


Nov 2018: Invited evening lecture, Cardiff University, Wales, UK. Title: The “Krakatau volcanic complex; 135 years after the big event".


Nov 2018: Invited evening lecture, Akademiska Sällskapet, Uppsala, Sweden. Title: Volcanoes; risks and benefits of a natural wonder.

Jul 2018: Keynote talk, MLYB Conference,Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, Anhui, China. Title: “Origin of Kiruna-type ore deposits".


Sep 2017: Invited Koesmono Ceremonial Guest lecture, Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) Bandung, Indonesia. Title: "Krakatoa - Some 135 years after the big event". The lecture marked the 50th Anniversarz of the facultz of Earth Sciences at UNPAD.


Sep 2017: Invited lecture, Gadja Mata University (UGM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Title: "Krakatoa - Some 135 years after the big event".


Sep 2017: Invited lecture, Merapi Volcano Observatory at the Centre of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Title: "1902 Mt Pelée - Hazards associated with subduction zone type dome volcanoes".


Aug 2016: Invited lecture, Cluff Geothermal Energy Ltd., London, UK. Title: "Geothermal activity in Indonesia".


May 2015: Keynote talk, Johannes Rasmussen Conference, Torshavn, Faroe Islands. Title: "Magma Plumbing in the North Atlantic Igneous Province".


Feb 2015: Evening guest lecture, Annual Irish Geological Research Meeting, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. Title: "Redefining the stratigraphy of Northern Irelands’ volcanic history".


Nov 2014: Invited talk, Colloquium "Frontiers in Petrology", Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Title: "Volcanoes, magma transport and the source of volcanic CO2 emissions".


Jun 2014: Keynote talk, Mourne Cooley Gullion Geotourism EXPO 2014, Newry, Northern Ireland, UK. Title: "Short lived explosive volcanism in NE Ireland: rewriting the stratigraphy of the British and Irish Palaeogene Igeneous Province".


Dec 2013: Keynote talk, AGU meeting, San Francisco, USA. Title: "Magmaplumbing of Krakatau volcano ... what will happen next?".


Nov 2013: Keynote talk, Surtsey Symposium Uppsala, Sweden. Title: "Phreatomagmatism in the Canary islands".


Oct 2013: Keynote talk, ESF Workshop "European Volcano Observatories - implementation of scientific expertise into the observatories", University of the Azores, São Miguel, Portugal. Title: "Rocks and minerals as predictive tool for volcanic eruptions".


Sep 2013: Invited lecture, LKAB, Kiruna, Sweden. Title: "Krakatau volcano - 130 years after the big event".


Mar 2013: Invited lecture, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Title: "What makes caldera volcanoes blow their tops? A petrological approach".


Feb 2013: Keynote talk, ESF workshop on "Volcanotectonics", University of Oslo, Norway. Title: "The plumbing system of large caldera systems".


Nov 2012: Invited lecture, Geologiska Sektionen, Student Society, Uppsala University, Sweden. Title: "The eruptive history of Krakatau: The myth behind the volcano". 


Oct 2012: Invited lecture, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Title: "Eruptive history of the Krakatau volcanic complex, Indonesia".

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Sep 2012: Invited lecture, CNR - Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse (IGG) Pisa, Italy. Title: Petrological, mineralogical and gas-chemical controls on volcano behaviour: Merapi, Indonesia".


Sep 2012: Invited lecture, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) Pisa, Italy. Title: "Magmatic evolution of the Krakatau volcanic complex; what does the future hold?".


Aug 2012. Invited lecture, Open University, UK. Title: "Magma supply and crustal differentiation at Krakatau volcano, Indonesia".


Feb 2012:  Invited lecture, Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS), UU, Sweden. Title: "The 1902 eruption of Mt. Pelée, Lesser Antilles; analysis of a catastrophy".


Feb 2012: Invited lecture, University of Glasgow, UK. Title: "Petrological and geochemical indicators of volcano behaviour: Merapi volcano, Central Java, Indonesia".


Jan 2012: Invited talk, ESF MeMoVolc Workshop on "Understanding volcanic conduit processes", University Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Title: "Petrological indicators for volcano behaviour: Merapi, Indonesia".


Jan 2012: Keynote talk, Nordic Geological Winter Meeting, Reykjavík, Iceland. Session: UV4 on North Atlantic Igneous Province. Title: "Magmatism in the British and Irish sectors of the North Atlantic Large Igneous Province".


Jan 2012: Keynote talk, VMSG meeting, University of Durham, UK. Title: "Life and death of the Paleocene Rum volcanic centre, NW-Scotland".


Dec 2011: Invited lecture, University of Leipzig, Germany. Title: "Hydrothermal breakdown of volcanic glass in ocean-island volcanic settings, Tenerife and Gran Canaria".

Dec 2011: Invited keynote talk, AGU meeting, San Francisco, USA. Session: "Rocks and minerals as predictive tool for volcanic eruptions".


Oct 2011: Invited lecture, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Title: "Scottish and Irish ring complexes, history, nature and modern approaches".


Mar 2011: Invited lecture, Copenhagen University, Denmark. Title: "The BPIP revisited".


Jan 2011: Award-lecture, VMSG meeting, University of Cambridge, UK. Title: "Crustal contamination across five tectonic terraines; the Palaeocene Igneous rocks of NW-Scotland and N-Ireland".


Aug 2010: Invited lecture, NORDVULK Volcano Summerschool, Iceland. Title: "Origin, evolution and death of a large central volcano: The Rum igneous complex, NW-Scotland".


Jun 2010: Invited lecture, Copenhagen University, Denmark. Title: "The 2006 Merapi eruption, Java, Indonesia".


Nov 2009: Invited lecture, LMU München, Germany. Title: "Petrogenisis of ocean island rhyolites in the Canary Islands".


Oct 2009: Invited lecture, Unvisersity of Cape Town, South Africa. Title: "Probing the continental crust beneath Merapi, Java, Indonesia".


Apr 2009: Invited lecture, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Title: "The Tertiary Rum volcano: origin and evolution of a central volcanic complex".


Mar 2009: Invited lecture, Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) Uppsala, Sweden. Title: "New approaces to magmatic differentiation: crystal-isotope stratigraphy applied to modern and ancient volcanic rocks".


Aug 2008: Keynote talk, 33rd International Geological Conference (IGC) Oslo, Norway in the session "The NorthAtlanticIgneousProvince". Title: "Crustal provincialism in the British and Irish sector of the North-Atlantic Igneous province".


Jun 2008: Invited lecture, Open University, UK. Title: "Why should we look at historic eruptions? Mt. Pelée 1902 and what we learned from it".


May 2008: Invited lecture, University of Bristol, UK. Title: "Irregular explosive behaviour of andesite dome volcanoes: Merapi, Indonesia".


Feb 2008: Invited lecture, Swedish Mineralogical Society, Uppsala, Sweden. Title: "Multistage evolution of peralkaline rhyolites on Gran Canaria: implications for the internal structure of ocean islands".


Feb 2008: Invited talk, Geomar Research Center, Kiel, Germany. Title: "Changing eruptive styles of literal cones in the Canary Islands: implications for hazards of rift zone eruptions".


Dec 2007: Invited lecture, University of Stockholm, Sweden. Title: "New approaches to magmatic differentiation: in-situ crystal isotope studies".


Oct 2007: Invited keynote talk, EU-workshop on "What is a magma chamber?" Madrid, Spain. Title: "Magma chamber processes recorded in minerals and inclusions in recent Merapi lavas".


Sep 2007: Invited lecture, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), México. Title: "Merapi volcano, Indonesia: A decade volcano with its own rules".


May 2007: Invited lecture, University of Oslo, (PGP) Norway. Title: "Collapse calderas in active tectonic regimes: the problem of caldera ellipticity".


Apr 2007: Keynote talk, European Geoscience Union EGU, Vienna, Austria in the session: "Explosive basaltic volcanism". Title: "Textural features of changing eruptive styles from phreatomagmatic to strombolian activity of basaltic littoral cones: Los Erales cinder cones, Tenerife, Canary Islands".


Nov 2006: Invited lecture, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. Title: "Explosive volcanism in Java, Indonesia: causes and consequences".


Sep 2006: Invited talk, Merapi Symposium, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Title: "Magma-carbonate interaction at Merapi volcano, geochemical insight into volcano behaviour."


Sep 2006: Invited keynote talk, Goldschmidt Conference, Melbourne, Australia in the session: "Unravelling differentiation processes in subduction zone systems." Title: "Magma-crust interaction at Merapi volcano, Indonesia; geochemical insight into volcano behaviour."


Sep 2006: Invited talk, Fermor Meeting of the Geological Society of London, Natural History Museum London, UK. Title: "Volatiles from high-temperature fumaroles along the Java segment of the Sunda arc: exploring the role of crustal contamination."


Jun 2006: Invited lecture, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Title: "Geological history of the Palaeogene Rum Volcano, NW-Scotland".


Jun 2006: Invited lecture, GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam, Germany. Title: "Magma-crust interaction at Merapi volcano, Indonesia; petrological and gas-chemical investigations".


Apr 2006: Invited lecture, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. Title: "Explosive volcanism at Merapi volcano Indonesia: insights from petrochemistry".


Feb 2006: Invited lecture, Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, (INGV) Rome, Italy. Title: "Carbonate-assimilation at Merapi volcano, Indonesia".


May 2005: Keynote talk, Goldschmidt Geochemical Conference, Moscow, Idaho, USA to the session ‘Origin of large-volume silicic magmas’. Title: "Petrogenesis of voluminous intra-caldera ignimbrites of the Rum Igneous Centre, Scotland".


Apr 2005: Keynote talk, Volcano-Tectonics Session at the European Union of Geosciences (EGU) meeting, Vienna, Austria. Title: "The problem of caldera ellipticity". 


Feb 2005: Invited lecture, Open University, UK. Title: "Petrogenesis of rhyolite on ocean islands: evidence from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands".


May 2004: Invited talk, Spring Meeting of the 'American Geophysical Union', Montréal, Canada. Title: "Hydrothermal alteration of intra-caldera deposits, Tejeda caldera, Gran Canaria, Spain".


Mar 2004: Invited lecture, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, University Blaise Pascal, Clermont–Ferrand, France. Title: "Collapse calderas in regional tectonic regimes: the problem of caldera ellipticity."


Mar 2004: Invited lecture, University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. Title: "Volcanic history and large-scale pyroclastic eruptions on Gran Canaria, Canary Islands: origin of explosive volcanic activity on ocean islands".


Jan 2004: Invited talk, University of Oxford, UK. Title: "Shallow-level processes and the cause for frequent explosive eruptions: Merapi volcano, Indonesia". 


Oct 2003: Invited lecture, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand. Title: "Petrogenesis of rhyolite on ocean islands: evidence from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands".


Sep 2003: Invited presentation, "State of the Arc 2003" meeting (SOTA) in Portland, Oregon, USA. Title: "Shallow-level crustal contamination and its impact on the volatile budget and eruptive behaviour in arc volcanoes: evidence from recent Merapi lavas".


May 2002: Invited lecture, Trinity Alumni Association, Dublin, Ireland. Title: "The 1902 climactic eruption of Mt. Pelée, Martinique: causes and consequences".


2002: Lecture series, Irish Geological Association with talks in Dublin and Galway, Ireland. Title: "A brief history of the 60 million year old Rum volcano, NW Scotland".


Feb 2001: Invited presentation, Penrose Conference of the 'Geological Society of America' on 'Longevity and dynamics of rhyolitic magma chambers', Mammoth, California, USA. Contribution: "Feldspar zoning in composite ignimbrite 'A', Gran Canaria: implications for the dynamics of crystal exchange in rhyolitic magma chambers".