Chair of Petrology, Uppsala University, Sweden

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Valentin R. Troll graduated from St Andrews University, Scotland in 1998 and received his PhD from the GEOMAR Research Centre - University of Kiel, Germany, in 2001. Troll then lectured in volcanolology and petrology at Trinity College Dublin (2001-2008), during which time he habilitated at the Blaise Pascal University Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 2006. In early 2008, he took up the Chair of Petrology at Uppsala University, Sweden, which he currently holds.



Citations >3300 | h-index 32 | i10-index 88

(Source: Google Scholar 27-Dec-2018)


>100 scientific publications, 13 published reports, 3 scientific books, 2 course books, and >300 conference abstracts.


Obtained approx. SEK 42 M (ca. EUR 4.3 M)  to come directly to Uppsala University since installment in 2008.


Advised 19 PhD students to completion. Currently  co-supervision of 2 PhD students.


Kresten & Troll:

The Alnö Carbonatite Complex, Central Sweden (GeoGuide)

180 pages, Springer, 2018.

This GeoGuide provides an overview of the geology of Alnö, combined with an up-to-date field itinerary.

e-Book and paperback available in Springer Store and on Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk.

Volcano forensics at Bali's great volcano.

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